Cockfighting Games in Various Regions in Indonesia

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Cockfighting or cock fighting is part of a tradition that is deeply embedded in the culture in several regions in Indonesia. Even in some places, this game has also become a symbol of traditional ceremonies held at certain times. As in Bali, this game is known as Tajen which uses knife spurs on the chicken legs. This tajen event is very popular with the Balinese people, especially the men. Even today, the game of pitting the two chickens is still held in several events and there is even an arena that holds this tajen as a gambling arena.

Naming Chickens in Bali

  • Buik, is the name for the rooster whose fur is colorful
  • Kelau or kelawu, for rooster with gray hair
  • Bihing or Biying, a rooster with red hair
  • Wangkas, the name for a rooster with white fur with red wings
  • Brumbun for “fighter” with a combination of red, white, and black fur.
  • Sa, called a chicken with white hair.
  • Ook, the term for a rooster that has a very thick neck condition
  • Crested, is the term for a rooster when it grows feathers (crest) on the head
  • Godek, for chickens with hairy legs.
  • Sangkur, for roosters where their physical condition is without tail feathers.

    In the area of ​​Sulawesi this game is known as Massaung Manuk. Massaung manuk is the Bugis name for a game which in Indonesian means “cockfighting”. Massaung manuk used to be only performed by Bugis kings and aristocrats in the morning or evening to celebrate traditional festivals such as: inauguration of kings, weddings, and big harvest. Cockfighting in Toraja has been known long before the entry of the Dutch Colonial in 1906 AD. Cockfighting in Toraja culture is a way of resolving disputes for parties in dispute about any cases that they cannot resolve on their own.

Meanwhile in Kalimantan cockfighting is no different from traditions from other regions. This game is well known by the Dayak Mualang tribe, which is one of the Dayak ethnic groups in West Kalimantan, to be precise, their tribal name, Mualang, is the name of a hero who has the nickname Manok Sabung / Cockfighting.

Naming Chickens In Kalimantan

    • BIRING Chicken consists of biring sempidan, sengayan, entrokop, sengkubang, tasan, helmet, terrace, joyful, semukan, t Gedung, bengkarung.
    • FIBER chicken consists of types of serapat jelawat, enculit, kenjuar, adung, adung berandak, berumbun, kapioh, proboscis, tuntung menduk, tengkuyung, sempulut, champion, hull ensulit, ensulang, sparrow object.
    • JELAYAN chickens consist of types of fishermen entukar, manaling, nibung, sparrows, easy, young eyes, old eyes.
    • JALAK chicken consists of types of starlings, tengadak, seturit, frozen, keratau, flies, tengkerasak, powder.
    • IJAN chicken consists of types of Ijan onsulai, entolak, cranks, kapiat.
    • Chicken BEBARI consists of types of bebari lentapang, kesak, grilled, gegeranjang.
    • BULIT chickens consist of types of bulit kemundang, manual, bruising, mentanggar, champion, jejalak, selakat.
    • KELABU chicken consists of types of gray board, jerry cans, semah, giddy, empulut, busy, pali, empitu, ensulang, entabalang.
    • BANGKAS chicken consists of bangkas lantapang, lelantik, barandak, ensulang.
    • BANDA chicken consists of the type of bandar pipit, tusu.
    • TUTUNG chicken consists of types of tutung kapitu, manday, kembuyan, gemburan

history of this nation, the age of this game is almost as old as the formation of society on the islands of the archipelago. Starting from Sumatra, Java, Bali, to Sulawesi, they have stories about fighting cocks. This culture existed before we were born, and this is the main reason why this game is gaining popularity in Indonesia. Maybe we will know more clearly its history in Indonesia. And this history is basically different for each region or city in Indonesia.